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Request A Free, No-Obligation Quote Today!

Ready for a free estimate on your lighting project?
Please leave as much information as you can and one of our design consultants will contact you to set up an on-site estimate.

Holiday Lighting Minimum (Lease Program)
$1000 Residential
$3000 Commercial

Wedding & Event Lighting Minimum (Lease Program)
$5000 Residential
$10000 Commercial

Landscape Lighting Minimum
$5000 Residential
$5000 Commercial

Bistro & String Lighting Minimum
$1000 Residential
$3000 Commercial

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~~ RENTAL PROGRAM DISCLOSURE (Holiday & Event/Wedding Only) ~~

Stay Off The Roof is an elite, full-service lighting company. To ensure your display is in tip-top shape year after year, we ONLY offer a light leasing program for our customers. Stay Off The Roof will provide all products and install gear in order to install and remove your display, this includes lights, cords, timers, clips, stakes, fasteners, etc. When we remove your display, we will haul everything away so you will not have to store anything at your residence. Next year you can change colors, combinations, or designs completely!

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